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Margaret Swan

 Breathing Roots, 2004
copper; 88"x37"x32"

    Templum, 1991, aluminum,  86"x36"x32"

Song of Phoenix, 2003
copper, each piece 70"x22"x5"

   Deep Pool, 1999, aluminum, 18"x77"x72"

Inspired by both nature and human constructions, Margaret Swan’s sculptures share a similar fascination with the commanding presence of interior spaces. Eroded cliffs, stands of trees, winding staircases, and other mysterious interiors are evoked by her works in copper and aluminum. Working with sheet metals that are hammered or wrapped around these spaces adds to the illusion.

A graduate of Bennington College and Syracuse University, Swan’s public works are on view at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the DeCordova Museum’s Sculpture Park.



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