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Michelle Lougee

What Began, 2007, Adobe paperclay, mixed media, 6'x3'x2'

Banksia Communis, 2003, Ceramic, mixed media, 6'x3'x2'

Transfusion , 2007, wax, mixed media, 3'x2'x6"

Ursa Oris, 2003, Ceramic 14"x14"x8"

Michelle Lougee's sculpture and other artwork explore the conflicts between nature and human-produced technology. As our species attempts to exert more and more influence on our environment, the environment will push back with greater force and with a greater sense of urgency. The outcome of these struggles is an unrecognizable world that appeals to neither man nor beast. Aided by innovations in genetic engineering, evolution may produce creatures formed chaotically not only from plant and animal ancestry, but from the tools and remnants of technology.

Lougee holds a MFA from Boston University and teaches at the Danforth Museum in Framingham, MA.


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