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Murray Dewart

King's Gate , 2001, granite, 5' h.

Kyrie Gate , 1999, copper, 7' h.

Merging Water , 2001

Soloman's Gate, 99' high, wood and copper.

Murray Dewart has built large public and private sculptures across the United States and his work is represented in more than a dozen permanent collections, among them the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the DeCordova, and the Rose Art Museum. He has been commissioned by two Chinese cities, Beijing and Fuzhou, to build bronze and granite sculptures for international sculpture parks. He is a graduate of Harvard and the Massachusetts College of Art and is a co-founder of the Boston Sculptors Gallery.

On his work, Mr. Dewart says, "I think of my sculptures as forms that gesture in the wider landscape. From their chosen sites, they beckon and signal, or stand as gateways and guardian markers between the where-from and the where-to."


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