**BSG Brand Assets and Style Guide** Last modified: 2023-06-18 (##) Boston Sculptors Gallery Logo When using the BSG logo: * Don’t crowd the logo. Use the correct amount of free space around the logo * Mind the size. On a standard screen, the logo should not appear smaller than 150 pixels wide, and no smaller than 1.125 in (width) or 0.25 in (height) in print. * The logo should be used in a vector format whenever possible, such as SVG, PDF, or EMF (in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint). Only convert it to PNG when absolutely necessary, such as for attaching to emails. Please do not convert it to JPG. * Never alter the logo. Please don’t stretch it, add a texture, or use a drop shadow. (##) Boston Sculptors Gallery Letterhead
BSG Letterhead

Download:   PDF   ●   SVG   ●   AI   ●   EMF

(##) Using the Logo and Letterhead in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Earlier versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint do not support the insertion of PDFs or SVGs in documents. Please use the EMF format if you wish to create documents with these products. (##) Boston Sculptors Gallery Fonts Documents produced for BSG shows, such as press releases and postcards, should use Myriad Pro as the main text font. The BSG Logo uses Stone Sans Semi for "Boston Sculptors Gallery" and Gill Sans MT Pro for "Established 1992". (##) Dates and Times Days of the week should be separated by a en dash (–) with spaces in between. Times should be specified by am or pm without a space between the number and the time period. If a duration spans noon, use the same en dash without white space. Wednesday – Sunday, 11am–5pm Friday May 13, 5–8:30pm (##) Dimensions Size dimensions in feet and inches should use the prime (′) and double-prime (″) characters over standard apostrophe and quote marks. The multiplication sign (×) should be used instead of a lowercase x. - 7″ × 8½″ × 20″ - 28½″ × 26½″ × 8½″ - 5½′ × 2½′ × ½′ (##) Document Examples and Templates

Microsoft Word Press Release

Press Release
Microsoft Word (.docx)

Libre Office Press Release

Press Release
Libre Office (.odt)

InDesign Press Release

Press Release
InDesign (.indd)

InDesign Price List

Price List
InDesign (.indd)

InDesign Statement

InDesign (.indd)

6 × 4.25 Postcard Back

6″ × 4.25″ Postcard Back
Illustrator (.ai)