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Lorey Bonante

Blanket of Moss, 1997

Box of Glances, 1998, dolls eyes, found boxes, styrofoam, wire, beeswax.

You used to tickle me...until I cried. 1990. test tubes, paper, glycerin, gold.

Underneath My Sweetness, 1997, dress, firehose, text, beeswax, fabric

Bonante’s work begins with a found object. By locating the marks of the objects prior owners, and then by adding her own mark, she transforms these mundane items into sculpture that evoke a deep and common memory.She is interested in how these things from our daily lives, when altered, can speak to us in such a different voice; and, It is these exchanges of memory and voice that she tries to preserve by capturing them in wax. Bonante graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.


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